Upholstery Cleaning

You've no doubt taken the time to select furniture that reflects your style and budget - so why not take good care of it? Have Prestigious Carpet Cleaning clean your upholstery in an afternoon.

Heavily used furniture like sofas and chairs can have stains from food, pets, or the outdoors that build up over time. Likewise, they may have funny pet odors that linger. Instead of simply adding deodorants, Prestigious Carpet Cleaning will use specially-geared products to remove those smells from your furniture.

Remember - not all chairs are the same! Prestigious Carpet Cleaning's experienced professionals will inspect your furniture and use the right product to prevent any damage to the material. Our equipment is also gentle on furniture, and designed to reach deep inside side folds and corners. For this reason, we encourage people to use upholstery cleaning professionals rather than try to clean it themselves. After all, isn't your furniture worth it?

Just like in carpet cleaning, we will pre-treat stains on your furniture before a complete cleaning of its entire surface. For pet stains and odors, Prestigious Carpet Cleaning applies a pH-balanced cleaner to neutralize them. Unlike most carpets, however, furniture takes a much lighter and gentler touch.

As a precaution, we encourage you to have us apply a protective treatment to your furniture as barrier to future stains and dirt.

Q: How long will it take for my furniture to dry?
A: When possible, Prestigious Carpet Cleaning may take furniture outside to clean in order to speed up the air drying time, as well as to prevent any excess moisture from penetrating your carpeting. Of course, our service includes returning furniture to their original places. Usually it takes 24 hours for your furniture to be completely dry.

Q: Can you clean my leather sofa?
A: Yes, as well as linen, cotton, suede, and just about any other material. We follow manufacturers' recommended guidelines for cleaning all upholstery, and do a spot test to make sure your furniture can handle the cleaning product.

Q: What type of furniture can Prestigious Carpet Cleaning clean?
A: We specialize in sofas, armchairs, recliners, leather couches, and chairs for your home or business.