Residential Carpet Cleaning

Everyone tries to keep their carpet as clean as possible with frequent vacuuming. While this is a good way to maintain your carpet, nothing beats a professional cleaning once a year. Often homeowners will rent a carpet steamer from a local home improvement store and run it over their carpets, thinking they're giving it a thorough cleaning. But don't be misled - only professionals have the industrial-strength equipment and training needed to really get your carpets clean!

Professionals will use the appropriate cleaning products that are made for your type of carpeting. More importantly, they will use stain removers specifically made to target common household stains from pets, coffee, dirt, and other everyday materials. Likewise, if you have young children, you know that stains can result from tempura paints, Play-Do, ink, and chocolate milk, to name a few!

Likewise, common household allergens reside in your carpeting, increasing chances of respiratory conditions. Without a thorough cleaning that reaches deep into the fibers of your carpet, you may simply be lifting dirt and allergens from one section of the carpet and depositing them in another.

Prestigious Carpet Cleaning has experience and training to clean your carpeting to its previous condition. Have stains that you think will never come out? Are there sections of your home where foot traffic has caused tracks of dirt that are easy to spot? Don't worry, we can help.

Prestigious Carpet Cleaning will arrive at your home promptly and identified with a Prestigious Carpet Cleaning uniform. We will visually assess your carpeting, identifying any areas or stains that need to be treated before we clean the entire carpet. Our friendly and polite employees will identify the method we'll use to clean your carpet, review the products we will use, and answer any questions you have. Prestigious Carpet Cleaning will move furniture out of the way, taking every measure to prevent any damage to them or any surface of your home.

We use the latest technology to clean your carpet quickly, and leave you to enjoy its restored beauty. One method is dry cleaning, which uses a pre-treatment cleaner that is laid on the carpet, and then cleaned with special equipment. Very little water is used, meaning the carpeting can be walked upon much sooner than in traditional steam cleaning.

Prestigious Carpet Cleaning also employs deep cleaning, which is done through hot water extractor. This high-pressure method can penetrate deep between the carpet fibers and suck the dirt right out. This method helps prevent allergens, bacteria, and dust mites from settling in your carpeting, resulting in cleaner, healthy air for your family.