Cleaning • Clean soap scum, lime, calcium, toothpaste residue, food matter, and general dirt from drain, knobs, and stoppers of sinks and tubs • Place air fresheners at all sinks • Clean inside all drawers and cabinets • Wipe down cabinet exteriors including the tops • Clean interior and exterior of medicine cabinets • Appliances • Remove damaged/inoperable appliances with written broker approval only • Move all appliances from their respective locations and clean the area behind, underneath, and beside them. Tops, bottoms, sides, in and out. • Clean stoves, cook tops, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers inside and out, tops and sides • Replace/Clean conventional stove burners and catch trays      Remove grease, grime, residue, dust and electrical safety hazards from range hoods, exhaust fans, walls and backsplash . Kitchens and Bathrooms cont’d • Clean Toilet • Inside/Outside of bowl • Top/Bottom of toilet seat/seat cover • Toilet tank/lid • Behind/Around toilet base • Remove dust and cobwebs from bathroom vents/fans • Clean mirrors, including the removal of stickers • Tubs and Shower Stalls and Enclosure Glass • Remove soap scum, hair, bars of soap, shampoo, creams, razors, shower curtains/rings/ mats/rugs, loufahs, toothbrushes • Remove bathroom accessories/caddies/non fixed curtain rods from tub/shower stalls, walls, and doors • Faucets and fixtures 


BATHROOMS: Clean toilet stool including all interior and exterior surfaces, base, and floor/wall area. o Polish all mirrors o Clean and polish sinks and sink fixtures o De-cobweb and dust: Run a duster around all edges of the ceiling and down all corners of the room, all the light fixtures, ceiling fans, lampshades, under counters and cabinets, around pictures on walls, windowsills, and any other place that there may be spiderwebs and dust o Clean tub/shower, including all walls and shelves o Polish tub/shower fixtures o Dust all cabinets and cabinet tops o (Optional) Dust/clean and organize all jar tops, bottles, sprays, etc. on top of counters o Clean and mop/vacuum the floor o Run duster over woodwork and trim o Spot clean doors and cabinet doors with special attention around the doorknobs o Clean light switches o Empty wastebasket and replace liner o Spot clean smudges from windows o Dust blinds and/or spot vacuum curtains o (optional) Tidy up the room and carry dirty laundry to laundry room