​​Q: Will deep cleaning damage my carpet? 
A: Deep cleaning is also called hot water extraction. First, a cleaning solution is worked into your carpet, where it breaks dirt particles away from the carpet’s fiber shafts. A hot water soak catches the dirt and then vacuums it away. Lastly, we offer a protective treatment to your carpet, making it harder for dirt to penetrate its fibers. 

Q: How do you get rid of pet stains? 
A: Depending on the type of carpeting, we use an enzyme-based cleaning product that is made to dissolve pH levels associated with proteins found in pet dander and/or feces.  

Q: How does dry cleaning my carpet work? 
A: Most dry carpet cleaning is completed through special machines that we do not provide but we clean your carpet after applying a pre-treatment cleaner using our low moisture system. Since there is very little moisture used, we can complete a cleaning on your home or commercial property in less time than deep cleaning.

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