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    Welcome to Prestigious Carpet Cleaning; we offer a wide range of cleaning services catering to both residential and corporate clients. Our helping hands are available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in-turn we can provide a wide variety of maintenance arrangements, here at Prestigious we will work with your budget and cleaning requirements.

    Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company based in Los Angeles, Prestigious Carpet Cleaning, is your best solution. A clean carpet looks better, lasts longer, and has fewer allergens and hiring Prestigious we will bring our expertise, knowledge and tools to your home or place of business. We believe in high-quality, economical services to families and business alike. 

    Prestigious Carpet Cleaning will assess the type of carpet, taking into consideration factors like what material it is made from, any stains present and foot traffic in order to customize the best cleaning solution for such areas. If you need a quick turn-around time, we offer a low moisture system so you can get back to enjoying your clean surroundings sooner! Prestigious also offers upholstery cleaning, as well as air ducts and other surfaces including hardwoods and laminate flooring.

Q: Will deep cleaning damage my carpet? 
A: Deep cleaning is also called hot water extraction. First, a cleaning solution is worked into your carpet, where it breaks dirt particles away from the carpet’s fiber shafts. A hot water soak catches the dirt and then vacuums it away. Lastly, we offer a protective treatment to your carpet, making it harder for dirt to penetrate its fibers. 

Q: How do you get rid of pet stains? 
A: Depending on the type of carpeting, we use an enzyme-based cleaning product that is made to dissolve pH levels associated with proteins found in pet dander and/or feces.  

Q: How does dry cleaning my carpet work? 
A: Most dry carpet cleaning is completed through special machines that we do not provide but we clean your carpet after applying a pre-treatment cleaner using our low moisture system. Since there is very little moisture used, we can complete a cleaning on your home or commercial property in less time than deep cleaning.